Sooie! Here piggy piggy…


Guess who got the swine flu last week?

This gal right here. Oh what fun!

I tell y’all… I’ve never had any sort of flu or flu shot or terrible virus but there is a first time for everything it seems. Monday started with a tickle in my throat and after going to the gym that night I felt super exhausted. As Tuesday wore on I felt worse and worse and by 5PM I was way past ready to go home. I was coughing up a storm and my body ached like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Wednesday I stayed home from work thinking I’d caught a cold and would just rest and be back to normal the next day but I kept getting worse. Thursday morning I woke up and thought I was dying so I went to the doctor. Lo and behold I tested positive for H1N1. Yep, you read that correctly. I had the swine flu. All I kept thinking was: who did I come in contact with and didn’t the swine flu disappear after 2010?

So, needless to say, I’ve been out of commission. The good news is that I won’t catch this flu again seeing as I’ve built up a strong immunity to it now by fighting off the virus. Hopefully this helps me fight off other viruses as well. Getting sick sucks!

Craig has been so wonderful though. He slept on the couch, poor guy, and avoided prolonged contact with me. However, he would come home at lunch and make me soup or something wonderful. I kept wiping down the surfaces in our house a couple times a day. This weekend I did a thorough cleaning and I feel like we’re almost back to normal in our house. Thank goodness! I tell ya, this isn’t something I’d wish on anyone, really. Today I’m back at work and I’m already feeling like I need a nap. LOL. I’ve got a lot to do this week to make up for missing three days last week. Lots to do before Christmas so please excuse my absence.

Side note: The tragedy in Newtown, CT has gotten us all thinking more about what’s really important in life and has reminded me how appreciative I am for a wonderful family. Hold each other close. Although I do not believe that guns are the main problem I acknowledge the importance of assault weapons bans and the requirement of background checks and mental health evaluations. I know that even if we outlaw guns it will not keep them out of the hands of those who truly want them. Bad guys will always find a way and we should concentrate more on the mental health aspect and what we can do about the anger and violence among people in this country. Please pray for your neighbor tonight. Pray that we find a way to cope and to change and to love. ABC News has an article on how to help click here.

God bless y’all!