How would you like to work in a bubble?

The French company, Christian Pottgiesser, has designed a new office for Pons+Huot and it’s pretty unusual. They’ve taken a large open space and created a sea of cubicles only these cubicles don’t have traditional walls… they have bubbles.

The bubble desk

The Bubble Desk Office

Evidently the company will have workers stationed in each bubble that will be answering phones. This is a way for the employees to feel connected but still have the sound proofing they need. I don’t know, I kind of like the idea. I work in an office where I hardly see my colleagues each day. It would be nice to have a more open space while still maintaining the ability to limit outside sounds when speaking on the phone. It’s open and looks like a park instead of a traditional office. You still get to feel like you ‘re a part of the action without being a part of the action. I don’t think this would necessarily work for offices where you need to consult with clients face-to-face though so it’s mostly well suited for call-centers. What do you think?