Faith Works


Welcome to all my posts centered around faith. Whether it is an article I’m featuring or a topic I’m sharing I hope that you will find these links useful and thought provoking.

What If We Rethink Church? – “This video just reminds me how powerful it is when you rethink not only what church is but what it could be … It is more than a building. It is more than a stereotype. It is what we make it to be.”

Sunday Morning Inspiration – “Recently I’ve been thinking more and more about my walk with God and what it means to live my life as a believer. Am I truly doing the best I can each day? Am I living with a clean heart and mind for Christ? Am I loving others as he loves me?”

Breaking Free – “I know that a lot of people don’t think that God speaks to them but I think that people don’t understand exactly how He speaks to us and we just need to be able to read between the lines.”

Deliver Me – “Daily I give this struggle to God. That is all I can do. I cannot put the desire on the throne because Jesus wants to be on the throne of my heart. I must remember that above all I need to be right with myself and right with my relationship with God before I can have the worldly things I desire.”

The Psalms – “The best part of this project was the different perspectives and length and style of the Psalms.”



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