Fun Finds

Hey y’all! It’s FRIDAY! Of course, for all the stay-at-home parents out there Friday probably means nothing different than any other day. For those of us working outside the home Friday means that we’re approaching a state of relaxation and rejuvenation to help us tackle the next week.

Today I’m going to feature a few Pinterest finds that I think are super fun. All pictures are hyperlinked so click on them to go to the source.

It’s definitely swim season here in Florida and I have been eyeing new suits. First up, this sporty number here. It feels like you could easily play a round of sand volleyball and yet be cute sitting on the sidelines.

Next, this is another sporty number that looks like it might provide the support for more active beach-going and yet still look great.

For those who are looking for a bit more coverage but still want a fun flirty piece here are a few tankinis that are super adorable. Even though I’m not dealing with post-pregnancy belly I definitely suffer from pre-pregnancy belly (aka I really like beer) so I tend to gravitate toward the tankinis so I’m able to enjoy my beach time more and worry less about sucking in my stomach!

Also, this would never work for me because my knockers are just too large and I definitely need support, but I find this suit to be fantastic.

I love the idea of a one-piece. I know several friends who go that route but it’s just too darn inconvenient to go to the bathroom plus my torso is freakishly long and they always feel like they’re cutting off circulation. However, this one is pretty gorgeous and I’d be willing to make the sacrifice.

And if you’re a little more well endowed all around don’t you fret… there are just as many sexy pieces out there for you!

Finally, let’s wrap this up with some cover-ups. Like I’ve mentioned before, I live at the beach and I see girls walk around wearing practically nothing. It’s disturbing. I can’t understand why they don’t value themselves well enough to cover up when out in public but I digress… here are some fun and simple cover-ups for your walk to the restaurant or beach bar.



So, what have you been eyeing? Are you even in the market for a new suit? Are you a beach person or a pool person? Both? Neither? Do you have some fun plans for this summer? I’d love for you to share!


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