Answer the Voices

This was excellent.

Given Breath

“What can I possibly write that hasn’t been expressed a thousand times over?

This question haunts insecure writers. We lament that there is nothing new to say under the sun. Surely it’s all been said, in a lovelier way than we could ever say it, by far more eloquent souls than ourselves!

What can we hope to contribute with our voice, besides more and more noise?

IMG_6496Adding to our collective lack of self-confidence, outside every writer’s door is a cocktail party of imagined voices gossiping loudly: “Who does she think she is? What business does she have here? Who asked for her words anyway? How is it that she was even invited to this party?”

Indeed. All the critical voices that writers hear – real or imagined – are not entirely off the mark. There is some truth in every question, and an honest response is required for each one. For this insecure writer, it is…

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