Top 5 Christmas Songs You May Not Know


I hope you have a spectacular day tomorrow. For fun I thought I’d share with you my top 5 favorite Christmas songs you may have never heard.

First up, Sara Bareilles (who, if you don’t know you really need to) sings the most amazing Christmas song called Love is Christmas. She has the best voice and this song has such a great message. “Love is not a toy, and no paper will conceal it. Love is simply joy that I’m home.”

Next we have Mindy Smith singing It Really Is (A Wonderful Life). “Oh, but this year is different for you and for me… our own little miracle, on our own little street. Never before have I loved ‘Silent Night’ so but now that you’re here by my side… baby, it is, baby, it is, it really is a wonderful life.”

The third song I want to introduce you to is Under That Christmas Spell by Tim Halperin. You may remember him from American Idol. Also, y’all KNOW how I feel about some Charlie Brown. “We could take a walk outside tonight and look at all the Christmas lights… Or we could just sit back on the couch watching Frosty and Charlie Brown.”

Fourth is Rosie Thomas singing Why Can’t It Be Christmastime All Year. I really like the tune. It’s quite catchy. “Later we’ll make New Years Resolutions we’ll forget…”

Finally I want to share Spotlight on Christmas by Rufus Wainwright. “People love the working man who does the best that he can. But don’t forget all the horses and toys never could fix the poor, little, rich boys.”

Christmas has, in my opinion, become over-commercialized. We’ve strayed from the original meaning and purpose. The spotlight is certainly shining on us. Let us love one another as He commanded and let the peace of Christmas dwell in our hearts.


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