Look at that baby!

Look at that baby!

So, I briefly introduced you to our new puppy, Jethro, and I wanted to talk more about him and our experience of becoming parents. Let me tell you, that pup has us wrapped around his little paw. He was so tiny once. Now he’s super grown. Like, in just a few short months he’s now practically the size of an adult. Crazy!

Sitting pretty

Sitting pretty

Jethro has brought such joy to our lives. We estimate that he has added about $150 a month to our expenses but we feel he is worth it! Jethro is an apricot standard poodle and he has the best personality. We decided to go with a purebred poodle because I have severe allergies and knowing I am allergic to dogs we decided if we were going to risk this we should make the risk as minimal as possible. So far, my allergies haven’t been worse than usual. When I’m playing with him and he’s been rolling around outside I will have a sneezing fit but mostly I do just fine.

He’s so laid back. We have plenty of “chewies” (rawhide) and stuff for him to keep occupied while we’re out of the house. He roams around the house while we’re gone and thankfully has no interest in getting into anything he shouldn’t. He loves to mouth on his stuffed animals and thankfully he isn’t interested in tearing them apart. He loves to tug and chase but isn’t really into playing fetch.

Speaking of tugging… we didn’t know that poodles are notorious for teeth that are super weak when they’re developing. Now that they’re fully in place they’re nice and strong but when he was a baby we played tug a lot (his favorite game) and unfortunately we damaged his two incisors next to his canines. They had to be pulled (poor fella) so sometimes he has a hard time picking things up but mostly they haven’t impacted him much. We’ll know better for next time to be gentle when they’re little.

My favorite thing about Jethro is his loving nature. He wants to be where we are and he loves nothing more than cuddling on the couch. We don’t let him in bed because we know we’d never get a good night’s sleep but he’s such a good cuddler that it makes it hard to keep saying no. The couch time is fine though. He’s such a sweet boy. We’re just so pleased with him.

Craig and I never figured ourselves for poodle people. Craig has owned a Rottweiler and a Bernese mountain dog and had always wanted a Mastiff… but here we are and we couldn’t be happier. If you are considering a puppy but are worried about your allergies, skip the “designer” dogs (laboradoodle, schnoodle, etc.) and go right to the source.

People have given us flack for not rescuing a dog and we know that going with a breeder is controversial but we also know that with my allergies I couldn’t handle a mutt. We had thought (and still continue to think) about rescuing an older dog but seeing as I didn’t grow up with animals we thought it would be best to start with a puppy I could help with and grow with and I’m glad we made that choice.

So, there’s our little update about our new addition. As you can tell, we’re quite enamored with our pup. Do any of y’all have a standard poodle or know someone who does? Do you have a different type of dog? I’d love to hear your story and please also share a picture!