First Look: HGTV Smart Home 2015

Y’ALL! (I can say that in all caps because…) the HGTV Smart Home is located in Austin, TX this year!

Have any of y’all been to Austin? Elsewhere in Texas? My friend, Shay, lives in Austin and I went out to visit her one year. It was a pretty cool place. I was out there in the springtime and the bluebonnets were in bloom and just gorgeous!

So, HGTV has given us a sneak peak of the construction process and I thought I’d share a few photos with y’all to get your opinions and share a few of my own. First, can we just talk about the front facade!?! What the heck is with the side entry front door? I HATE it. I love a beautiful front entryway and when the front door is hidden from view it makes visitors confused. This is especially the case when the house has a side yard like this one where the living room opens out onto the side of the house and not the back of the house. Anyway, I do love the different sidings used and the casement windows with black frames.

See what I mean about that hidden front door!?! This picture above shows just how awkward it is. Ugh. Also, I do not understand the one-car-garage idea. I mean, this is 2014 people. Everyone could use a little more garage space even if it is for our secret hording lifestyles. Even if the garage has to be tandem because the lot is not large enough, just do it! This is my same complaint with the HGTV Dream Home for this year.

So, from the picture above you can see the temporary front door there on the left that opens into the dining area and living room to the back right of this picture. We can see what looks like a niche for a flat-screen TV and some sliders to the side patio.

Here’s a floor plan to help you get your bearings:

There is a tiny back porch that I’m guessing is screened-in but I wonder what could really fit out there. The only thing I really need to be in a screened-in porch would be a dining area and that space doesn’t look very large. Below is a picture coming from the other direction with the entry at the far right, living room on the left and front of this photo and the kitchen space in the far back of this photo.

Behind the kitchen are the stairs leading to the second floor, guest bedroom and bathroom, as well as the garage space but first, let’s look at this kitchen space.

This looks to be the makings for a kitchen sink area and it has me wondering where the dishwasher is located. I see that the two areas to the right and left look like closets so I’m at a loss for what the plan could be. Maybe a bar sink? This picture below is the stair hallway and I have to say I just LOVE that they made a niche under the stairs. There’s often a lot of wasted space in the interior walls that could be better utilized and I like it when people get creative.

Also, they’re using the spray foam insulation on this house which contributes to its “smart” value.

Upstairs is a nice large loft area that I’m sure will become a play space that they’re currently labeling the “den”. Nearly to the top of the stairs you hang a left to enter the master bedroom space. The picture below shows the upstairs from the opposite direction (love the skylights).

Here is the upstairs floor plan to help you understand the layout:

There is a closet at the top of the stairs and the master space seems quite large and very nice. The only concern I have is that the other upstairs bathroom only has an entrance within the guest bedroom and this means when folks are upstairs in the den they will have to walk through the bedroom to get to the bathroom. I’m not a fan of that at all. If you’re going to have a door into the bedroom, fine, but at least have another off the hallway.

Above is a shot looking into the master bedroom above the garage and I love that they placed windows up high to let in light while still allowing for privacy. Below is a shot looking into the guest bedroom down the hall.

So, what do you think so far? I think they’re making fairly good use of a small space. Personally, I don’t feel the need for an additional formal living and dining space. I like the idea that the kitchen, living room, and dining room are all open to one another. As I said above, the one-car-garage puzzles me and I don’t care for the side entry front door but other than that I’m excited to see the finished product.

Let me know your thoughts and I’ll be back once the home is further along with more details!


3 thoughts on “First Look: HGTV Smart Home 2015

  1. I really like the house except for that Front Door also. It looks odd but maybe after its all said and done it will surprise me.

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