2015 HGTV Dream Home

Are y’all in it to win it!?!

The 2015 HGTV Dream Home is on Martha’s Vineyard and it is built in the traditional Cape Cod style. Take a look at the floorplan:

I love the great room concept but I can’t help but think about just how impractical this home is. First, only a small one car garage. Second, the guest bedroom and kid’s bedroom both have these patios that face the driveway and really serve no purpose. The back patio (and back yard for that matter) are super tiny when what you really want is a ton of usable outdoor space. In addition, seeing as this is a vacation home, I’m not sure why in the heck they would build such large master closets. Who is bringing that much stuff with them on vacation!?! And the master bathroom, while gorgeous, is at ground level and has too many windows. Don’t get me wrong, I love windows, but I also know that I tend to be naked in my bathroom and windows at ground level will then have to be covered up 99% of the time and that just seems pointless to me. I think that they should have made a much smaller closet and used the dressing room and master closet space for the bathroom and had another bedroom or office in the front of the house. This is a vacation home, after all. Maybe I’m just super picky. I mean, I would certainly be happy to win this home, but I could never make it my permanent home. It just doesn’t flow well and has poor use of space. What are your thoughts? Despite the weird floorplan I think the home is aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some of my favorite photos (courtesy of HGTV):





One thought on “2015 HGTV Dream Home

  1. i been enter over 14 years on the hgtv dream home never won one see no one in Alabama never win well that all I got to say thank you wanda box

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