Rhythm & Ribs Celebration


This past weekend I celebrated my belated birthday with friends and family at the 18th annual Rhythm & Ribs festival in downtown St Augustine. My sister, Ashley, flew in for a long weekend and was able to join us as well. The festival was crowded for sure. I’m not sure what I was expecting but that was not it. LOL. The BBQ wasn’t actually very good. I guess I was thinking that it was going to have some great food but I forgot that it is a fair after all and fair food is never outstanding. I did get to eat an awesome funnel cake so that was pretty awesome. We ended the night with a giant beef rib that had wonderful flavor but was tough and nearly burnt off the roof of my mouth. Good times.


It was a little chilly out so we were all bundled up. In the sun it felt wonderful but boy that sun went away and it was quite a different story. Thankfully I had beer to keep me warm. Hee hee. I haven’t had that much drinking fun in quite some time. Of course, we were really there to see JJ Grey perform and although it was hard to hear it was still worth it. I always enjoy them in fact, Craig and I walked down the aisle together at our wedding to The Sweetest Thing. It was a super fun birthday celebration.