Ready for a Pinteresting Spring

OMG y’all. I’m so over this cold weather. I know, I know, I live in Florida and have nothing to complain about. Here’s the deal, I live in Florida. Therefore, it needs to be warm. I like a cold snap just as much as the next guy. I love to bring out my winter coats and boots and scarves and I love the low humidity. However, it starts getting close to my birthday and I want SUNSHINE!

So, to distract me from the cold weather we are having and to start planning for this spring I’m sharing with you some of my favorite outfits I’ve pinned on Pinterest. First up, for those in areas where it won’t be as warm in the spring like it is here I’m sharing some choices that are good traditional springtime weather outfits (click on the picture to take you to the page). Next week I’ll share more traditional Florida warm weather favorites.

I absolutely adore this jean dress/ scarf/ boots combo. I especially think this outfit would look adorbs on my tall beautiful sister who currently lives in the fabulous NYC. She would look uber cute in this!

This outfit is something I could wear here in Florida (this week the highs are in the 60s) but would work just as well anywhere else this springtime. I love the giant oversized scarf and would kill for that watch (pardon the weird hand attached to the jeans).

Here we have a lovely purple combo. I like the colorful but muted scarf and how all the accessories pull from those colors however even if you were to take off the scarf the outfit would look just as put together.

This outfit is borderline warm weather and edging out of springtime. The tank-top makes it a warm 60s outfit and not so much a cool 60s outfit or you’ll freeze your tatas. Unless you’re from Canada in which case you’ll probably be wearing shorts when the rest of us have on our winter jackets still. My favs are the bracelet and the pops of mustard.

Back to the cooler temps and a bit more with the layers. I like how the little mustard tank pops out beneath the top. I love the bag, of course, and the nail polish from butter LONDON.

Oh how I love green. Mostly because it’s my eye color and therefore I look great in green. This celery/lime combo is especially nice. This will be a super cute outfit for my trip to NYC and I’m digging that bag.

Again with the green. I love those open weave flats. I like the green sweater and how the accessories tie the outfit together.

Some mauve here in this bunch with that beautiful scarf and again the open weave flats.

Now we’re getting a little brighter with more fun springtime colors. I love the nail polish! The pops of pink and mint really speak spring to me.

Finally we end on more muted springy note. Again the awesome butter LONDON nail polish. I love the pink flats, pretty Roberto Cavalli ring. sequined scarf, and Marika Charles floral tank.

Hopefully this post will give you some great ideas. I know that if I’m feeling so over the cold weather that those of you living in places up north are probably more over it than I am. Spring officially begins March 20th so start planning!

Hope y’all had a great week!


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