A Pinteresting Bedroom

Hey there y’all. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m thoroughly addicted to Pinterest. Today I thought I’d share with you some ideas I’ve found that center around the master bedroom. Craig and I have a giant king-size bed (that we love) but no headboard. When contemplating ideas for our future home I’m drawn down several different paths and am loving all the inspiration out there!

First, we’re leaning toward purchasing a sleigh-bed instead of just DIYing a headboard. I long thought I’d want no footboard but after living with Craig and seeing how our bed looks each morning I’ve decided we need something solid to hide the covers. See, Craig likes to kick out the covers from being tucked into the bed and instead tuck them under his feet. He sleeps with the covers like a coocoon whereas I sleep with it all tucked in nicely and when I wake up you can hardly tell someone was in the bed. I’ve made my peace with his cover habits but have decided that we need something to hide the mess.

Enter the Tate Street Sleigh Bed by Thomasville:

When browsing for king size sleigh beds I noticed that they all have sides that come way down to the floor leaving no ability to use the underneath for storage. This bed, however, has built-in storage and no box-spring so that solves my dilemma. We have looked at plenty of different headboard-footboard combinations and we’ve decided that this is our favorite. If you’re not into the sleigh bed look there are plenty of other options. The Farmhouse Canopy Bed and Hudson Bed both from Pottery Barn seem to be our favorites.

Another part of the bed that is equally important is the bedding. I’m drawn to greens and blues with a little red thrown in for good measure but I wouldn’t be opposed to an all neutral palette. Of course, if it were up to Craig it would be nothing but white linens, end of story. I don’t think that I would be opposed to white linens as long as there are other accents of color. So, I’ve pinned some favorite combinations:

The last two photos are my favorites. They mix the white linens that Craig loves with the blues that I love. In fact, I’m thinking about taking the wall color a step further with painted planks like this option below:

I know that I’m kinda all over the place but I think that’s the beauty of a pinboard. You can save all your sources of inspiration and once you’re finally ready to take the leap into a project you can determine what will look best in that particular location. Which ones do you like? Or is your style completely different? What design ideas do you have to share? I’d love your feedback!


5 thoughts on “A Pinteresting Bedroom

    1. OMG… so glad someone else is in my boat! Drives me crazy. I have to completely re-make the bed each day. However, I’m learning to “let it go” and I think the sleigh bed will help. LOL. XOXO – C

    2. I love the painted planks. Caron, have you and Craig seen the beautiful cherry bedroom suite I was going to give to your mom, but she has no room right now. The two single headboard bolt together as do the footboards. It makes for a very handsome bed. Along with that is a tall dresser (chest on chest) and a long dresser with many nice drawers. It is vintage – your mom grew up with that full set, and having it in the family is important to her and to me. What say – – want to see?

  1. The addition of a fabric covered bench is nice if the room is huge. It looks good. Then again, you’ll have to walk around this added piece of furniture …. so, yeah …. extra steps. That could also cause tripping. In our house anyway! Haa.

    We have 2 twin sleigh bed frames I inherited from my grandmother. Same dark wood. They are really beautiful.

    Good luck w/your decor Miss Caron! Alway fun to do.

    1. I love the idea of a bench at the end of the bed… of course there has to be room. Right now we have a tiny bench but it really doesn’t serve a purpose. Hopefully in our new house we’ll have more room. Thanks for joining in the discussion!

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