It Is Valentines Day Y’all


Craig and I wish y’all a very happy day and hope that you look beyond the traditional meaning of sharing love between couples and look to share love amongst all you encounter. This month of love reminds us that the world is a bigger place than just our little corner. For those who are in a relationship and are looking for something free to create for your significant other I’m sharing with you an idea I found for this Valentine’s Day… Love Coupons!


Yes, yes, I know they’re rather overdone. I mean, it seems silly but really it’s the best gift because it forces you to take time out and to serve your partner out of love. It is a selfless gift and one that has much greater rewards than jewelry or gadgets. For my coupons I found an image online and printed them on stock paper, cut around the image to make the coupon shape, and then wrote on the back with the gift redemption.


As you can see these can take any direction you choose. Some of my coupons were for things like a movie date where Craig gets to pick without my consideration and I will gladly accompany him without complaining. LOL. Some coupons were more “sexy” in nature as you can see below. Whatever direction you choose I’m sure that your partner will be much appreciative. Heck, these would work great for moms/ dads/ kids if you wanted to adapt them for the particular situation such as “free car wash” from a kid to a parent or, “dinner of your choice” from a parent to a kid. Be as creative as you’d like your only limit is your imagination.