Hoarding… I think I may have a problem


I think I have an addiction to books.


This is our main bookshelf in the living room and it has most of our collection.


The little shelf by the couch has our grill equipment and such on the floor (since we can’t keep in on the porch since technically we’re not allowed to have it). On the shelves are some of my education books and a random smattering of books that didn’t fit elsewhere.


In the guest room/ office we have a small shelf (blocking a random door to the outside that we don’t use) that has some travel books and most of the random Christian literature we’ve collected. In addition I have a few family photos, my mother’s plate stand I still have yet to return, some photo albums, and a lamp and alarm clock for guests. What you can’t really make out in the picture are the shoes strewn across the floor in front of the shelf and the lovely Washington Redskins stuffed football sewn by yours truly in seventh grade.

Oh, I’m keepin it real here… Please do not judge me by the mess. Pardon the poor quality photos and random crap shoved in corners. I have two big rubbermaid bins in storage as well. It never ends. There is a whole other bookshelf that we have in the guest room that I didn’t even take a picture of. Hi, my name is Caron, and I’m addicted to knowledge. I have been much better as of late and have been reading books on the Kindle app on my iPad but I tell you it would be a sad day if I had to part with my books.

Some on my shelves are books I’ve loved and will re-read time and again. Some on my shelves are books I loved and probably won’t ever read again but I keep in case I find a situation where I can lend them out for someone else to enjoy. Some on my shelves are books I haven’t even read yet but purchased with good intentions. I wonder if I will ever get a chance to read them. I sure hope so. I decided to tackle one of the book shelves in this tiny condo to see if I could make a dent. Here is the after picture of the first bookshelf I tackled. It’s like you can’t even tell I did anything.


I was able to part with a total of three books, all cookbooks that weren’t good but someone might like so they went to Goodwill. I did organize a bit though. I made sure that all the cookbooks were grouped together at least. We have a hodgepodge of stuff on those shelves. Besides books we have some antiques, some photos of family and friends, our cake topper that never ended up making on the cake (that’s a story for another time), Craig’s rock collection, Strong’s Concordance, Food Lover’s Companion, along with a bunch of National Geographic’s and Mother Earth Magazines.

So, please tell me I’m not alone. Please tell me that y’all have a similar problem albeit probably not on the same scale! Is there hope for me? Do you think I’ll ever have the time to finish Anna Karenina? Maybe next weekend I’ll tackle the other shelves. 😉


One thought on “Hoarding… I think I may have a problem

  1. i definitely have a book hoarding problem too! i’ve gotten rid of a chunk on recent moves but i have so many books that i love so much and just cannot bear to part with. i too have books that i’ve bought and have yet to read – but i find this phenomenon isn’t just with “real” books as i hoard on my kindle too!

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