How Pinteresting… (bathroom edition)

Howdy y’all!

First, how many of y’all watch Duck Dynasty? Anyone? Just me? Hey Jack … it makes me Happy Happy Happy! My favorite character is probably Si just because he’s a crazy old man and makes me laugh. Although I love the patriarch, Phil, because he’s so grounded in his faith and has such wisdom to impart on the group. Those crazy bunch of rednecks make me laugh.

Second, I’m thoroughly addicted to Pinterest. Mostly I’ve been pinning wish-list items. Since we’re stuck in this condo a while longer I’m stuck with dreaming about my future home. In addition to entering the HGTV Dream Home every day, I’m constantly pinning items for our new abode. For example, I seem to have a thing for bathrooms…

Some are completely beachy fun and childish:

Some are beachy in a more sophisticated way:

Some are beachy with an all-white historic cottage look:

One is designed by a favorite blogging couple:

One is rather modern and simple but still feels tropical:

Then I have pinned ideas for wall treatments like bead-board:

Or this delightful mermaid looking tile:

Or I’ve pinned a particular wall color that I love:

Or an amazing skylight in an attic bathroom:

Or something fabulous to give the bathroom some character:

Mostly, Pinterest is a way for me to keep track of all my great ideas for our future home. I remember when we would be building or renovating my mom would keep a folder in the kitchen where she would keep torn out pictures from magazines that inspired her. I think that Pinterest is the new “folder of ideas.”

Do y’all pin? Have you actually completed any projects? One friend of mine started a pin-board that is a collection of all her hits/misses so she’ll know what she has/hasn’t tried and what works or does not work at all. I think that’s a great idea. Once I get my posts up about the wedding I’ll have to link back to my pin-board with all the projects successfully completed. Hope y’all are having a good week! If I don’t already follow you on Pinterest be sure to leave me a link to your board!


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