What the What?

*full credit to Liz Lemon

Although I don’t watch 30 Rock near as much as my sister, Ashley, I still have picked up the sayings along with the rest of America. “What the what” being one of them, but I digress… So, it’s kind of hard to believe I’m posting three times this week. I’m on a roll folks.

Anyway, Craig and I are currently house hunting and it’s hella frustrating. What fits in our desired budget out at the beach is complete crap.  I feel like the homes are way overpriced for what you get and that makes me depressed. As you can tell by my rant about Walmart yesterday, I haven’t been in the best mood. Part of this whole experience has been the realization that my life is not quite as I planned and instead of being excited for opportunities I find myself feeling defeated. It’s absurd.

So, I’ve determined that I need to get out of this funk!

I read an article in Psychology Today about how to manage when you’re feeling defeated. The author describes being in a funk as “not depressed, but listless, purposeless, unable to motivate myself and caring about very little. Words like “flat,” “empty,” and “disconnected” also come to mind. It’s not a particularly pleasant state, but it is often surprising: it usually occurs immediately after I’ve accomplished a goal.”

That’s what’s happening. We’re settling back into life after our wedding and honeymoon and trying to sort out all the details of our future lives together. Working through the finances and goals and dreams can be quite overwhelming. I know that this, too, shall pass so I’m waiting it out and working it out. I’m determined to force the bright side of things into my perspective and look to find the good in each situation.

Craig and I are blessed to even have the ability to purchase our own home. Just because we can’t afford to live in the best house or the best neighborhood doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to one day. Baby steps. Right now we need to focus on building our financial net worth. Our goals are to pay down our debt and work on saving and investing in our future. We have a marriage built on open communication and at times it means that we have to sit and talk about some heavy stuff but it also means that we remain on the same page and continue to focus on the same goals.

We have come to the conclusion that this home purchase will be something that we want to hold on to and use as a source of rental income when we move in 5-7 years into something larger. Therefore, it doesn’t necessarily matter that the house is small or needs work. It’s about the long term goal and finding something in our budget that will be easy maintenance for years to come. Right now the real estate market isn’t ideal but we have faith that in the spring something wonderful will present itself. We believe in God’s providence in our lives and we know that in all things God works for the good.

So, over the next year part of my life goals will be to set aside time to document our financial progress. I hope you will follow along with our journey. Please feel free to offer words of wisdom and helpful advice from your experiences. In turn, I hope those who are also in need of guidance will learn along with us. Craig and I want to be sure that we are setting ourselves up for the best future possible. As we enter this Advent season it is a time for reflection and preparation. We hope to use this time to focus on our relationship with Christ, our relationship and goals with each other and for each other, and to focus more on our relationship with others.

“In His name the nations will put their hope”