Pretzel treats: an experiment

Hey y’all. Long time no talk. My b. Wedding stuff kinda takes over your life, yo. Don’t worry, I fully intend to share pics once I get my hot little hands on them.

In the meantime I’m sharing with you a partially successful Pinterest baking experiment. Of course, Craig had to point out that I’m not really “making” anything but rather “assembling” something but I reminded him that if I’m tasked with anything greater there’s a good chance I could burn the house down. So, here we go!

Here is your cast of characters for this drama:

IMG_1386Grab a bag of pecan halves, some Rollos, some Kisses, some M&M’s and a big bag of pretzels. You could probably use the cute circle ones for the kisses and they’d look more like buttons but I am lazy and stuck with one kind. People on Pinterest recommended the snaps because it gives you a nice surface to work with and I agree. Also, it would have been smarter to buy a bag of green and red M&M’s but I didn’t think about that ahead of time so I had to go through and pick them all out. This is a labor of love people. The giant bags of Rollos and Kisses are cheaper but it’s a pain in the arse to unwrap them all. I did it though… and so can you!

Layer the pretzels on a baking sheet like so and cover each one with a Rollo (or Hershey’s Kiss).


I lined mine with parchment because I thought it would make them easier to come off the sheet to be reused for the next batch. Yes, the caramel does ooze out a bit and, yes, it makes sense to place them on parchment (or wax paper) however it’s not like I could just slide them off because I have a lip on my baking sheet. SO, my advice: don’t bother. Unless you have a flat sheet. In that case, proceed.

So, here’s where the Pinterest “recipe” is not to great. They tell you to set your oven for 350 degrees and pop these bad boys in there for 4-5 minutes. Wrong. Especially wrong if you’re using a toaster oven like I did. Even so, in a big boy I don’t think these need more than 3 minutes. The thing is, you want them to come out and be soft enough to squash down something on top but not too soft where it all oozes out the sides and all over the place. These are fancy baking terms of course. Needless to say, my first batch was rather messy.

I actually think that the Rollos could have used like 2 min in the oven and the Kisses like 3 min max. Basically once you take them out of the oven you want to set the toppings on the candy and let them cool. For the Rollos I just gently set the pecan half on top and it sunk down on its own. If you push too hard the caramel comes out the sides and it doesn’t look pretty. Although, that just means that you have to eat them because you only want the guests to eat the pretty ones, right? The M&M’s need a bit more work. You have to try and get the point of the Kiss down under the button and you definitely have to press a little harder.

So… WALLAHH… (or voilà if you want to be fancy)


Craig was my official taste tester and he gives them both a thumbs up. Also, please learn from my mistake and don’t keep them in there too long. One batch of kisses didn’t seem melted when I pulled them out and were hard. Craig told me that what I did was burn the chocolate. Sad face. I mean, they were in there for just a little over 3 minutes. What I needed to remember is that the oven was still super hot when I put them in and the tray I was using hadn’t completely cooled off. So, lesson learned, don’t overcook the chocolate!

One bag pretzels gave me more than enough for both the Rollos and Kisses. I came out with about 100 a piece. That’s a lot to share and pretty easy “assembly” if not actual baking.

Hope y’all are having an enjoyable holiday season! XOXO