Wrongful Birth?

I have been silent for a while and I apologize. However, this morning on the news, I heard something that made me sick to my stomach.

As heard on NPR: “Several states, including Kansas and New Jersey, are debating so-called “wrongful birth” laws that would prevent parents from suing a doctor who fails to warn them about fetal problems.”

I immediately wrestled with the issue in my head because, you see, I’m pro-choice. Yes, and I’m a Christian. I get it. It’s a precarious situation and a slippery slope in itself. I do not believe that any abortions should be performed beyond the first trimester.

Anyway, this news report, though, deals with parents who, had they known about the disease/condition that their child would be subject to, would have aborted. Because the doctor didn’t warn them ahead of time they feel that they wrongfully gave birth.

My question is thus: At what point does a life become not worth it?

I mean, should parents be allowed to test an unborn fetus for the breast cancer gene? I mean, what if their child had to suffer at the age of 30 and would die after years of painful treatments? Should those parents be allowed to abort because, well, their child shouldn’t have to deal with that suffering?

Another report talks about a family and their child with down syndrome. This pains me. There are many people with mental retardation who go on to live wonderfully full lives. I believe that children born with health issues present us unique circumstances that we can use for the good.

I also read a good counter argument this morning (yes, it’s from a Christian perspective but not overdone). There are many folks with disabilities who go on to lead wonderfully full lives and their parents go on to say how grateful they are for this child and the unique situation and how their lives have changed for the better.

Anyway, feel free to talk among yourselves on this issue but be kind. For me, I just feel sad about this world we live in. It never ceases to amaze me what people today think is important. Our priorities are way out of whack.

I understand that we are all faced with unique challenges and that each person knows what is best for them and their family but suing for “wrongful birth” is just upsetting. I wonder where we head to next down this slippery slope.