Ohmygosh y’all… there’s so much to do!

I’ve started a pinterest board full of ideas and we’ve nailed down the venue. I think that we know what colors and what the bridesmaids/groomsmen will wear and what kind of theme we want.

Here are some of my ideas:

Possible bridesmaid dress

Suits for the men and calla lily boutonniere

Wedding colors

Baby’s breath on tables and as other decoration

Also using mason jars in the decoration and at the ceremony site

Simple table arrangements using burlap

Orange napkins as the accent color

Possible use of luminaries

Of course, once the elements start really coming together it all might change. I know that the men will definitely be wearing chinos and white shirts and Craig will be in a chino suit (or something like that). This means that the bridesmaids (my sisters) will be in beige most likely, unless they can find something that’s orangey and will work well with what the men are wearing. Also, I know that the men will have calla lily boutonnieres and we’ll have calla lilies in our bouquets but outside of a few other touches of those colors I think I’m going to utilize a lot of baby’s breath. It’s cheap but it looks pretty in a big bunch and will go with our rather rustic theme. I especially like the use of burlap. I can get a giant roll of it fairly cheap and I plan on cutting equal squares for the tables and using the burlap in the bouquets and on the serving stations, etc. Simple Casual Elegance. At least that’s what I’m aiming for. I’ll share more details as we progress. 🙂


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