The Dangers Of “Fruit Drinks”



3 thoughts on “The Dangers Of “Fruit Drinks”

  1. so true, this is why i only drink water….and wine.
    and don’t forget about the calorie bombs that “healthy” smoothies can turn into! you can always ask them to leave out the syrup – fruits are sweet on their own! try blending a frozen banana, frozen fruit (berries, mango), milk (dairy or other), and a big handful of spinach. so many nutrients, no extra sugar, and you really can’t taste the spinach!

    1. I’m very lucky that Craig is such a health nut. He makes smoothies for us with everything you’ve mentioned but will throw in some zero Fage to make it thicker. We keep bags of frozen fruit in the freezer and even bananas that are going brown will be cut and put in a container in the freezer to use in our smoothies. He adds some protein from GNC and we do that a lot, especially after we work out on Saturday mornings 🙂

      1. yay! look at you two being healthy! so proud of you 🙂 the brown bananas make the best smoothies – very sweet!

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