I said YES

I know that I’ve been absent from this here blog. I’m not the best at sticking with this thing. I’ve felt like I thought I had things to say but then real life got in the way. I really need to just make time to do this. I enjoy writing and sharing my  story with y’all so I’m going to make a better effort. Besides I need some place I can share all my thoughts about this impending wedding.


I really wondered at times if it would ever happen for me. I wondered if I was going to find the right person that I really enjoyed being with and who enjoyed being with me. I will say that, in my case, eHarmony actually worked. It really was a great vessel to introduce me to Craig and I’m so thankful that Jeannie talked me into giving it a try.

Craig and I really enjoy each other’s company. We ride bikes and take walks on the beach. We have great conversations. We watch the news and debate the issues. We make time every Sunday evening for Downton Abbey. We go to church and are currently doing a bible study every night to help us set this marriage off on the right track.

We’re very blessed.