Hey y’all… I’m doing another episode of “Things I Like” and today I’m featuring Chobani Champions. I know, I know, it’s a kids yogurt. I get that. However, much like some grown adults like kids chewable vitamins, I like this kids Greek yogurt.

One of my biggest complaints with yogurt is the fruit. I know, sounds dumb, but I don’t like whole pieces of fruit in something that’s supposed to be creamy. It’s weird. I have a friend that mixes granola in her yogurt and I tried it and I just can’t do that either.

I think it’s the cold factor. I mean, I like fruit cobbler and I like oatmeal. I just can’t do something cold with lumps. SO, I’m left with very few choices in the yogurt aisle. Enter: Chobani Champions.

Both Greek yogurt and regular yogurt are low in calories and packed with calcium and live bacterial cultures which makes them an essential part of a balanced diet. However, Greek yogurt, in roughly the same amount of calories, has half the sugar and almost double the protein of regular yogurt.

Craig eats regular Fage (pronounced “fa-yeh”) and it’s just too plain for me. I love that the Champions are blended well and yet are still yummy. I get the packs and bring them to work and that is my 10 am snack. It works well, keeps my digestive track normal, and tastes great.

Not that I have to mention this… but I am in no way compensated for my thoughts on the “Things I Like” but I just feel the need to share with you and I do so on this here blog.

Hope everyone is having a great week! 🙂