My lumberjack

Craig is a muscular man. He takes good care of himself and it shows. He’s not overly done in a macho-man sort of way but I appreciate that he could save me from a burning building. Sometimes, I liken him to a lumberjack of sorts. He’s quite manly and outdoorsy and I like that about him. Then sometimes I hear this song in my head…

I wanted to be… a lumberjack! Leaping from tree to tree, as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia. The Giant Redwood. The Larch. The Fir! The mighty Scots Pine! The lofty flowering Cherry! The plucky little Apsen! The limping Roo tree of Nigeria. The towering Wattle of Aldershot! The Maidenhead Weeping Water Plant! The naughty Leicestershire Flashing Oak! The flatulent Elm of West Ruislip! The Quercus Maximus Bamber Gascoigni! The Epigillus! The Barter Hughius Greenus!
With my best gal by my side, we’d sing! Sing! Sing!
I’m a lumberjack, and I’m okay.
I sleep all night and I work all day.

LOVE that sketch… though I must admit, even though that song comes to mind whenever someone mentions the word “lumberjack,” I know for certain that my lumberjack isn’t a cross-dresser. LOL


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