On A Boat

Hey y’all! I think this video perfectly sums up my weekend. “I’m on a boat” “I got my flippy floppys” “Poseidon look at me” … LOL. Sorry but that video cracks me up every time. So good.

Well, this weekend I drove down to Ponce Inlet with some friends and their family and we spent both Saturday and Sunday out on the boat enjoying the beautiful weather. It was super relaxing and wonderful being on the water and spending quality time with some good friends. It was just what I needed. Things have been super stressful lately.

Saturday I drove down in he morning and after picking up sandwiches for lunch we headed out on the boat. We were  just about to disappearing island when it started pouring. Not so much fun. But we were in swim suits and we were on a boat anyway so really it wasn’t that big of a deal. By the time we got back to the marina it was beautiful weather again and we spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool and then went to a restaurant on the beach for dinner. Sunday morning we got up and went out on the boat and the weather was just as nice.

I tell you what folks… I need a boat! I grew up boating with my family and it is something I truly enjoy. I really hope that I’m fortunate enough one day to own a boat of some sort and be able to take my family out on the water now and then. I really am a very lucky person to live here in the sunshine state and spend good quality time outdoors. It was a gorgeous weekend and I can’t thank the White’s enough for allowing me to tag along.

Hope that everyone had a nice weekend. This upcoming Saturday is my friend’s wedding. Hurricane Irene is headed our direction but I hope that it stays out at sea, both for the wedding and for all the people who could potentially suffer devastating losses from a major hurricane. I’m praying that it works in our favor. That is the one major drawback to living in the tropics.

Anyway, have a great week y’all. God bless!