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One of my favorite blogs to follow is Young House Love. John and Sherry are incredibly talented DIY’ers and as an added bonus they live in my home state of Virginia so they have a little soft spot in my heart. Yesterday they did a funny post about how style quizzes can end up with some weird results so I decided to take the quiz myself.

Over at Ethan Allen you can determine your own personal style by viewing pairs of pictures and clicking on the one that most calls to you. When I took the quiz it told me that my style is Vintage.

I can honestly say that I was quite surprised that they pegged me correctly. I figured that I would end up with something that I really didn’t feel represented me and my style however this is pretty much dead on.

I do really like this style of living room. I like the paneled walls, I love the lamp on the end-table, and I think the bookshelf/console table thing would fit right in at my house.

This living room, however, is much more my style. I would be a little worried about the white slipcover but I guess the fact that it could be washed is a factor to consider. I love the walls and I love the prints and giant wall clock. I even dig the lamps.

This next room is what threw me off. I understand where they were going… it looks like something that would have been found in a farm house long ago. But the white is really not my style. Although, I currently have a white hutch and breakfront in my dining room that was given to me from my mother so I guess even though it’s not my favorite thing it really does fit in with my style.

The next room stood out to me because I’ve been eyeing a very similar cabinet over at Pottery Barn for quite some time now only on a smaller scale.

Next up is a lovely office that has those ladder shelves I also had been eyeing at Pottery Barn only slightly different. There’s that giant clock on the wall again that I particularly adore and the wood finishing on the walls as well.

Next up was a very nice media cabinet for a family room. I have to mention that I do not care for the chairs and especially do not care for the fabric pattern on the chairs but I do like that cabinet layout with plenty of book shelves and concealed storage beneath.

Then they showed me a picture of a dining room and I have to admit I’d been thinking about something like that for my dream home one day.

Finally, they showed me a picture of a living room and I am absolutely in love with the couch. I have to say that the color isn’t my first choice but I love the texture of the fabric and the turned legs. I especially love the seagrass lamp sitting on the end-table. Of course, the flowery print of the pillows and ottoman just aren’t doing it for me. I think that they might be confusing “vintage” with “grandma”.

Over all I’d have to say that Ethan Allen had some pretty nice stuff to chose from and pretty much had a good grasp on my personal style. I think that their version of “vintage” tends to be more farmhouse than I would particularly go for but overall they did a pretty good job.

So, go on over to their website and take the style quiz and let me know what it says about you. Do you think it judged you correctly or is it way off?


9 thoughts on “My Style

  1. I got vintage, too, which is right for me, but not quite in the Ethan Allen style. I liked the second photo and the bottom dining room photo the best. The rest really weren’t me, although there were elements I appreciated in each. The blue dining room is more like me 20 years ago. I was really into that light blue and white, although that room was too boring and needed more color. I still love blue hydrangeas because of their old-fashioned, farmhouse/cottage feel. Now I am all about warm, spicy colors. I need to feel the sunshine even when it isn’t there, so I like yellows and reds and oranges. Our house has a little bit of a southwestern flair due to the colors and some of the elements thrown in, but it also has a lodge look. There is a rustic English hutch dating from 1739 in the dining room, and hopefully someday we’ll have a farmhouse table like PW. It’s really kind of a hodge podge of styles that all go together somehow.

    1. Yes, there were elements in each that I liked but overall I don’t think any room really represented me fully. I think it’s awesome that you have that old hutch. Very cool!

  2. I, too, got Vintage! I particulary like country style vintage aka Cracker Barrel – lots of stuff on the walls, pictures, plates, etc….my chickens! Farmhouse tables, baskets, that kind of thing. If it weren’t American – I’d really go for the French farm house style. Lots of warm yellows and reds with some blues thrown in here and there. I do like that big clock too!

  3. Here is my style per the quiz:

    The results are in – your Signature Lifestyle is Explorer. Explorer channels a sense of adventure through furnishings and accessories that conjure images of world travel. The feeling is relaxed eclecticism. It comes to life through textural variations, intricately detailed woods, global-inspired fabrics, and natural fibers. Whether in rural or urban settings, the spirit of this lifestyle fits right in.

  4. first time visitor here… love those pictures, i would def live there. i agree about the farmhouse thing though. meh? i’mma go take the quiz now. you know, since it’s monday morning and there aren’t a million things to do. UGH.


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