Well, I did it.

The last time I went running for real was over 3 years ago. I’m a major slacker. Mostly I was just pissed that I was running solid 5K’s and then hadn’t done anything for a while and would have to start all over again. Or so it felt.

So, I’m getting back into it by following the Couch to 5K program. I’m proud to say that I did a run/walk for 30 mins last night and mostly ran even when the C25K program had me walking. AND, I didn’t die. LOL. I seriously was a little lightheaded when I finished but other than feeling sore my lungs managed to cooperate and I didn’t feel winded.


It’s much too hot to run outdoors after work so I’m running on a treadmill but it’s better than sitting at home on my lazy butt per usual. Plus, it helps that this chick made a kick-ass playlist with the cues to change built in so I’m running to some good tunes. Check it out.

So good. Made the time fly by and kept me pumped while I was running so I didn’t notice how hard it was. I definitely recommend either downloading some podcast playlists for the C25K program or creating your own through something like GarageBand using the download they have. It really works well to have something else provide you the cues to change it up so you’re not having to count.

Anyway, just thought I’d share. Hope y’all are having a fantastic summer!