Why The Face

Picture this:

(not my actual closet)

WTF y’all… what a super fun Sunday… or not.

So, my good friend, Lizzie, is moving in with me soon so I’m clearing out the guest room and trying to find places to store all the junk. I’ve been doing pretty good. I’m taking the pictures from the walls and the ones I had stored in the closet and placing them beneath my bed. I’m taking the boxes of junk that I really don’t want anymore and dropping them off at Goodwill. I’m going through all my clothes and getting rid of the ones that don’t fit or I never wear and also taking those as well. However, there are still boxes of things that I just can’t get rid of and need to find a place to store them.

This is where my closet comes in. I have the most poorly designed master bedroom closet. There are three shelves on one side and the middle shelf rack cuts the top rack off too high so you can’t actually hang anything on the top rack. It’s stupid. In addition, you can tell that someone has obviously had shelves fall before and have drilled new holes and tried to anchor them securely. It all seemed fine and has worked fine for the past year I’ve been there. It was a box of purses that pushed it over the edge so to speak.

I was switching out some things from the shelves and moved some stuff to the left side and moved a box of purses from the guest room closet into my closet on the right side above the rack for dresses. I guess that’s where I went wrong. About 10 min after organizing the closet I was downstairs and I heard a giant CRASH. I ran upstairs and saw a very similar sight to that picture above.

I panicked a bit at first but held it together and took all the clothes off the rack. I unscrewed the braces from the wall and luckily the holes made when it fell weren’t as bad as in that picture you see. I bent back the braces  and took my manual screwdriver and put it all back together on the wall and even made a new hole for one of the braces and screwed directly into the stud and can I just mention how incredibly difficult it is to screw something into solid wood manually… ridiculous!

So, thinking I had it all rather secure I placed the clothes back on the rack, jiggled it, found that it seemed secure so I went back downstairs. Mind you, I didn’t place anything back up top just yet because I wanted to make sure it was okay, which it seemed to be. All told this process took about an hour and a half. Of course it was too good to be true because a few minutes later I heard another CRASH.

OhMyGodY’all… was I ever pissed. I worked so hard and by hand none the less and it still fell apart. I seriously almost cried for reals this time but again I held it together and started taking it apart. I put all the clothes in the guest room and took everything out of that side of the closet and sent a picture of the mess to my mom and dad.

I am so VERY grateful for my parents. Immediately they made plans to come right up (an hour drive for them) and help me out. Dad found the clamps needed and bolts and he brought all his tools (it helps that he’s a General Contractor) and mom even brought dinner with her. When they arrived my mom put the meatloaf in the oven and dad went straight to work on the closet. It still needs to have the holes patched but I’ll worry about that later.

Dad was able to get my closet put back together, drilled directly into the studs, with extra clamps, and we enjoyed a nice dinner and some good conversation while NHRA played for dad on my laptop. Some ice-cream and Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies and it ended up being okay and a nice chance to visit with my parents. I’m so thankful that they are so handy and so willing to help because it started out as such a disastrous day.

So, how was your weekend? 😉