Open Communication (and some updates)

So, here it is folks, I actually made it to the final stage within eHarmony. This guy, Nick, evidently thinks I’m interesting enough to continue past the question and answer to the open email portion. FUN.

We seem to have a lot in common. He lives locally, which is interesting. He’s a “software engineer” which kinda scares me because all I can think is that he works in a call center help desk. LOL. I know that sounds harsh of me. No, really though, he seems like a pretty cool guy. We’re just starting the open communication stage but even through the guided communication I appreciated his answers better than most. He uses proper grammar which is a major plus. Also, he only mentioned video games like once through the whole thing.

Other than that, I’ve been pretty busy. Trying to work on finishing up some summer reading. I read In The Woods by Tana French and was not impressed. I had high hopes for that book and was sadly disappointed. I also read Sweetwater Creek by Anne Rivers Siddons and was equally not impressed. Although, I did get a chance finally to read Love Wins by Rob Bell and I absolutely LOVED IT.

I know that there has been a lot of hype over his book. My pastor even had the gall to tell folks NOT to read it. I hate it when people do that. Like my brain isn’t sophisticated enough to understand what Rob Bell is saying and I can’t be trusted to make up my own mind about the subject so I should just stay away from it. AWFUL. That’s the same as saying to people that they need to refrain from all alcohol because, well, they couldn’t possibly be trusted to handle their alcohol without acting like a fool. Pitiful. SO, I’m really glad I bought it and read it and although some of it is a little too vague and he should have worked better to clarify some points overall I really think it was right on mark, as usual.

In addition to reading Love Wins, I finally went and read his book, Velvet Elvis. I truly enjoyed that book, although I know that Rob is really preaching to the choir. It really puts everything I’ve thought onto paper and in a way that helps me to explain it to others and for that I am eternally grateful.

This past weekend I spent some much needed time at the beach getting my healthy dose of Vitamin D (read this article) and I went to a friend’s party and had a great time. We even had the cops called on us. Which is hilarious because of a few things: she’s a Crime Scene Investigator with the Sheriff’s office, it was only 10:30 pm, and none of us were drunk. We were playing corn-hole outside and I think that the bags were hitting the boards too loudly for some neighbors. Too funny! I can’t tell you the last time I was at a party where the cops were called. We’re such hooligans. LOL.

Anyway, I truly hope that y’all are doing well. It’s hotter than Hades as I know it is all over this great country. I hope that y’all are staying in the a/c as much as possible and/or visiting some watering hole and staying hydrated (read this article). The only thing we have that saves us here in Florida are the afternoon thunderstorms. Stay cool…