This junk ain’t easy

Well, Mike closed the match. Could be several things. Plus, I’m sure that it’s easy enough to go a Google search with my first name and city to easily stumble across this blog. I’m sure that throughout the course of this experiment there will people who aren’t interested in being talked about online… but I’m not giving up. I am going to continue to write about this experience because it is what I set out to do and I enjoy it.

But this junk ain’t easy folks.

Online dating is just as frustrating as “real life” dating. This site has matched me with a total of three people I’d actually be interested in out of the 100 or so people they’ve sent me so far. I mean, I knew that this would be an issue when I got involved with eHarmony. I know that I’m going to find the same ratio within this dating pool as I would out in the “real world”. I also know that it’s only been a few weeks and I need to give it time.

So… I’m going to just enjoy the ride. I’m definitely learning more about myself as this goes on and that’s the most important part. Plus, it’s giving me something to focus on and I’m feeling less pressure to “get out there” right now. Just wanted to give y’all an update.

Hope all is well!