Communication Questions

When someone chooses to communicate in eHarmony they can send you an icebreaker (as discussed before) or they can go right into the questions.

So far I’ve had a few people send me questions of which I’ve made the decision not to respond. Upon reading their profiles and looking at the pictures I knew right away that I wasn’t interested. I don’t want someone who mentions computer games five different times on their profile. I don’t want someone who is overweight. I don’t want someone who is in the ministry full-time. I DO want someone who has similar interests and I find physically attractive.

I already mentioned that I had been matched with someone I “knew” which was quite interesting. We got through all the introductory steps but he hasn’t started open communication (and it’s been over a week). I really would like to meet someone who has traveled and is interested in more than just the status quo and on that note I received a match today from a soldier. He’s an Army Optometrist (that’s super fun)! He’s a runner. He likes to be healthy. He’s seen a good bit of the world. He’s a Christian. He’s closer to my age. So, we’ll see. I do want to be sure and take my time with this though.

So, here are the questions he sent:

1. How important is chemistry to you?

A) I need to feel that instant “click”
B) Within the first couple of dates I need to sense a certain chemistry
C) I think chemistry can be generated over the long-term with someone I really like
D) I don’t believe chemistry is really important to a successful relationship
2. Which of the following quirks would bother you most about your partner?

A) Uses poor grammar
B) Tends to cling to you in social situations
C) Is not familiar with current events
D) Superstitious
3. Which sort of date sounds like the most fun to you?

A) Attend a lecture on a topic that appeals to both of you
B) Go bargain hunting at a local flea market or antique shop
C) Go bowling
D) Visit a local comedy club
4. How often do you find yourself laughing?

A) I crack myself up!
B) I try to laugh all the time and get serious only when it’s needed.
C) Most of my time is spent being serious but I like an occasional good laugh.
D) I’m generally a pretty serious person.
5. What are your body-type preferences for your mate?

A) Thin and very lean
B) Muscular and athletic
C) Average – height and weight proportionate
D) Larger than average

The first round of questions are ones that you can go through a list and select the five you want to send to the person. Of the ones he sent me I found that it was hard to select just one option. Also, I felt like some of the options given none of the responses were appropriate. What would you have selected?

I sent the following questions to Mike:
  1. If you were taken by your date to a party where you knew no one, how would you respond?
  2. Which of the following marriage issues do you fear most?
  3. What best describes your attitude toward work?
  4. Do you enjoy debating the issues of the day with your partner?
  5. What’s your philosophy on travel?

What do you think? What would your answers be? My sister sent me a great article about marriage written by Dr. Neil Clark Warren (the founder of eHarmony) that you should read. It’s very frank and discusses getting married without compatibility and being sure that you’re searching for your “forever person” and not just looking for a good time.

Hope y’all are having a good week!