So, we’re at the point where I have been with dating in general. There sure are a lot of frogs out there. Granted, I’m sure that some that I would call a frog would be someone’s prince… but, for me, I’m striking out. Too many weird looking blokes or weird sounding blokes with weird lives and weird hobbies.

I need someone who has things in common with me and who I find attractive. I have dated those that others thought were attractive but I did not and obviously that didn’t work out. I have to feel that interest. A few people have requested communication with me over the weekend but sadly I turned them all down.

I figure, I have 6 months of this so I have a right to be choosy. Especially since I am choosy in real-life. Why not stay true to my instincts? Oh goodness, I sound pathetic. I swear that I’m not as bad as I sound, in fact, I have dated several men that my friends just didn’t see me with and wondered what the hell I was doing but I really felt I was giving them a chance. I’ve learned the hard way that you should always go with your gut and if you’re not feeling it then don’t push it.

Anyway, I’m sad that I haven’t been matched overseas much. Two of the gentlemen that are overseas haven’t requested communication but it’s still early in the game. I really did like the one guy that is local but since he’s not communicating with me I’m trusting that God knows what is best and I’m letting that one go.

We’ll see… I’ll keep y’all posted.