Thought y’all would enjoy a little music on this fine Saturday. Although this song is NOWHERE online unfortunately… I’m still posting the lyrics so you can sing along. I’ve always loved the words… there is such great meaning in this song and it’s perfectly fitting for the journey I’m on. So, even though I can’t upload a video for you I can at least share a clip of this song so you get the idea. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Daughter by Bread

Daughter - don't give your love to the first man you see.
Just bide your time so your heart will be free to find the one,
Girl you don't have to run. 

Daughter - don't think that love has gone out of style,
Just some folks every once in a while don't understand
How this world was planned. 

Now I know you're wondering how
You know when the real thing is comin' your way,
When you live for him and not you
You'll know that it's truly comin' to stay. 

Daughter - I know it's hard to make yourself wait,
But when the right man comes it's never too late
So don't you cry ,
He'll be here by and by... and steal your heart away.