It’s a small world after all…


I just got matched with someone I know in town. Well, technically it’s someone that knows people I know and I’ve seen his pictures on Facebook before. I remember thinking last year or so that I would love to meet him but then how do you broach that subject with your friends…

“So, um, there’s this guy, well, and I noticed him when looking through your pictures, and, well, um, he looks super cute and I noticed that he’s a Christian and he seems really down to earth and I wondered if you felt like you could, maybe, well, set us up somehow?”

Yeah. Not so much.

So, here I am over a year or so later and he’s in eHarmony? Strange. Very strange. Evidently they think that we’re compatible. AND, he sent me some communication questions.

Very interesting.

So, I’ll keep you posted.

P.S. does anyone else hear funny catchphrases when they say things out loud? Like when I said very interesting I heard “vellly inelllesting” from Laugh-In which is why I posted it above. Also, the other day I was saying good-bye and I immediately heard “buh-bye” from SNL when Helen Hunt and David Spade were the flight attendants. LOL. So, yeah, I do that sort of thing all the time.



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