Icebreakers and Page Views

First you start by taking a 436-question test to determine your “personality profile” which is used to help match you with others. Then you create your profile page by uploading pictures and answering general questions about yourself. I got through all of that just fine and even though I just started this thing, I already have 18 new matches. At first I was like, that’s a lot! Then, I realized that I did open up my search to the whole world so I guess it would make sense that there would be at least a handful right off the bat that my personality profile matches with.

First observations… I know that I selected that physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle is important to me so I’m surprised that they’ve matched me with some folks that clearly don’t feel the same. Although, in their defense, maybe they do think it’s important but just not as important as myself. Also, it’s matched me up with people in my city right away. I guess they think that I’m more likely to be interested in someone in my own backyard. I don’t know, so far, not so interesting. I opened my search on purpose. I kinda like the idea of meeting someone from South Africa.

Anyway, I already received my first icebreaker. He chose to tell me that my profile brought a smile to his face. Very sweet. I wonder if that’s the line he uses with everyone. It kinda feels like a bar scene right off the bat. LOL. I’ve decided that since the people that eHarmony matches you with have the same ability to initiate conversation as myself I’m going to treat this as if we were meeting in public. As in, I’m letting them make the first move. Every time in my past that I have made the first move it hasn’t worked out well for me (obviously). I know that it’s deep in the DNA that men need to be the hunters.

So, on with the hunt!