So, I got my first real bit of communication. I had a much better feeling about this than the one who sent me the icebreaker (which I didn’t even respond to by the way) and I hadn’t even looked at his profile. I mean, you’re paying for this service because you’re genuinely interested in finding the person you will spend the rest of your life with. If you can be bold enough to send out communication and will wait for the woman to do the work for you… good luck.

However, when I clicked on the profile the first picture is of him obviously lying on a bed with the shot being a close up of his head on a white pillow. I know I sound incredibly ridiculous but that’s not the best picture to have as your headshot. This guy is, again, on the larger side. Am I completely vain for not even considering someone overweight? I just don’t want to have to fight those battles each day about what foods we should/should not be eating and would you just get up off the couch already and do something besides watch TV? This isn’t off to a good start. I’m already picking the poor guy apart and we haven’t even started.

The other thing that turned me of is that he mentions God in every single one of his answers to the questions they make you write about. I mean, I love God, too, but the mentioning of God extends just beyond that question folks. It’s everywhere. That’s so much pressure. I’m a faulty human. I like a good beer while sitting on the beach. I like ladies night out with my girls. I sometimes have a potty mouth. I suffer from impatience especially on the road. I need to know that the person I’m with won’t hold that against me and I’m pretty sure that this guy wants a woman who won’t hold things against him as well.

So, after all that, I’m still going to communicate with him. Figure I should at least get to the questions part before I completely count him out and plus, it’s good practice. I’ve got 6 months of this account so I intend to make good use of it!