Who I am… Who are you?

Who I Am…

I am… 32 years old.

I want… to be content (in all things).

I have… a desire to change the world.

I wish… to have a family some day.

I hate… when people are selfish.

I fear… being stuck in a rut.

I hear… God’s voice of reassurance.

I search… to renew my faith in God.

I wonder… if I will find the love of my life.

I regret… holding on to toxic friendships because I want people to like me.

I love… my family (and good friends).

I ache… when I see what looks to be a happy family.

I always… try to find the good in people.

I usually… am early to most events.

I am not… afraid to speak my mind (to my detriment sometimes).

I dance… anywhere (Publix, a bar, the car, you name it).

I sing… in the car as loud as I want.

I never… ever have been good at math.

I sometimes… make fun of people even when I know it’s wrong.

I cry… when I feel alone.

I am not always… as cautious as I should be (I’m a jump in the deep end before I notice that I’m in over my head).

I lose… my temper sometimes.

I am confused… about God’s plan for my life.

I need… to remember that HE is in control.

I should… spend more time in the Word.

Who Are You?


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