I love my church and attend weekly services as well as bible study but that doesn’t mean I’m perfect. I like nothing better than going out for a drink with friends after a long week. I firmly believe when Ben Franklin said that beer is proof that God loves us. I love learning and I don’t have cable but I do have internet at home. I don’t play video games except for my secret love for The Sims. I love to read and usually have about three books going at any given time. I like watching shows like This Old House and my Netflix queue usually has something like Downton Abbey or West Wing. I like Broadway shows but not so much that I literally know every word to every one. I like golf and football but not so much that I feel glued to the television. I look forward to the Riverside Avondale Preservation Tour of Homes each year and walking through the lovingly restored old homes. I also really enjoy spending the day at the beach soaking up the sun. I was a Political Science major in college so I love debating the issues of the day but by no means do I think that I’m always right about any given issue. I try very hard to keep an open mind. I excel socially and consider myself a people-person but I also love to just relax and veg out at home alone. I love to travel and have been around the country and out of the country many times. I love learning about new cultures. I was a nanny for a while and love children and taking care of others. I think that I’m fairly attractive and try to always put my best face forward.

People tell me that I’m sweet and funny. Some people tell me I’m gorgeous. Most people wonder how it is that I am still single. They can’t believe that I haven’t ever been married and that I have no children. They wonder how it is that I’m still on the market… and I wonder that myself. I know that I’m picky. I won’t settle for less than I deserve. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. I just want my equal. I want someone who will love me for me. Not for what I can do for them. I want someone who shares my interests and intellectual capacity but isn’t lacking in social skills. I wonder if that person exists. Those that I’ve found that seem to meet that description run away as soon as they figure out I have a brain. I have a horrible suspicion that men just really want a trophy wife to cook and clean and who never has an opinion. I’m quite contemplative today, as you can tell. I think I’m just feeling much too frustrated with it all. I’m quite a catch if I do say so myself! I’ve just gotta focus on God and my life as it is. Bloom where planted. I have great friends, a wonderful family, I’m truly blessed. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. 🙂