Green Goodness®

Hey y’all! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I was off for four days because the University decided to be nice to us and give us the Thursday and Friday of Spring Break off work without having to use our Annual Leave. YAY! So, I spent some much needed time at the beach and with friends and just really tried to relax.

My birthday is next week and I’ll be 32 years old. I know that doesn’t sound very old to some people but as a person who has never been married, has no children, and is still in the same place in my life (for the past 10 years)… it feels old to me. Also, being on the beach made me really more conscious of the need to get my butt in shape! Right now, as part of Lent, my church is fasting on Monday’s. I wasn’t able to truly fast last week because we had a work retreat so I’m starting fresh today. I thought, also, that I would extend a modified fast through the entire week as a way to detox in preparation for my upcoming birthday festivities.

Last night in my ladies small group I mentioned how I have been drinking this green smoothie mix that looks GROSS but actually tastes really good. It is filling enough and has enough fruits and veggies that it helps to make a fast bearable. I know that traditionally you should be fasting with nothing but water but I’m slightly hypoglycemic among other issues so I know that realistically if I’m going to make this work I’m going to set a goal to only have a liquid diet.

On Monday’s I’m going to have just the smoothies and obviously my morning coffee and then after sundown I’ll eat a small dinner. The rest of this week I’m going to do the smoothie thing but I think I’ll also allow for a small healthy lunch and some yogurt and/or grapes. We’ll see how I feel. I’m being realistic and not trying to starve myself but to truly detox my body from the unhealthy eating I’ve been doing lately (so much so that my face is breaking out… YUCK). Here’s the information about the smoothie in case you’re interested…

“Bolthouse Farms® Green Goodness® starts with wheat grass, spirulina, spinach and blue-green algae. We add apples, kiwis, mangos, bananas, pineapples and dragon fruit to make it a good source of iron and Vitamin B6, naturally rich in Vitamins A, C, and B12, and packed with powerful phytonutrients found in nature’s most nutritious greens.”

  • Blend of 8 delicious juices/purees.
  • Packed with 14 powerful nutrients delivering unmatched healthy green phytonutrients.
  • No preservatives and nothing artificial.
  • Flash pasteurized and cold-filled for longer shelf life and superior nutrition.
  • 100% Juice, 100% Natural and no sugar added.

So there you have it… my good friend, Gretchen, introduced me to the stuff and when I have the courage I buy some. It looks gross but if you just close your eyes it actually tastes pretty good!