Ladies Small Group

Hey there… last night I had my single ladies small group at church. My friend, Kelly, and I are leading the group. We’re currently studying through NO OTHER GODS by Kelly Minter. It’s pretty good.

Last night was our second week in the study and ALL of us felt like it was speaking to us specifically. It helped that Pastor Joby’s sermon was right on target (not planned but definitely divine intervention).

We all were able to share our biggest fears and talk about the miracles in our lives that we sometimes take for granted.

I’m so grateful for this group of women. We have all age groups represented. Some of them are single moms, some have never had children but are divorced from 15 years of marriage and have to try and start all over again, some are single and struggling with growing older, some are still young and single and we all have different perspectives to bring to the group and I think that’s what makes us so strong.

Last night we cried, we shared, we laughed, and we grew as individuals.

I will continue to pray for our group as we grow together in our faith and as we go through this study. I am so very thankful that God brought me to this church and to these women. The pastoral staff at BEACH is amazing and they are truly trying their hardest to be Christ’s representatives here on Earth.

I know so many people who do not have a church family like I do. I know without a shadow of a doubt that they are missing out on something so wonderful it cannot be explained. However, I know that there are a great many congregations that call themselves “Christians” and are not demonstrating God’s love for His people.

One girl last night shared how she’d been so burned by church that she almost never wanted to go again… until she found BEACH. I pray that y’all out there will keep searching until you find a loving congregation of Christ followers and that you will be blessed by the experiences you share together in His name.

I hope that your week is blessed.