fancy fitness?


So, I always feel like fitness gear is way too expensive. Maybe it’s just me, but a tank top you wear to the gym shouldn’t be freakin expensive. This goes for all gym clothes really. I hate to spend over $15 for an article of clothing that is just going to be worn to the gym.

Anyway, When searching for clothes for my new years resolution of upping my fitness goals, etc. I was reminded of a conversation I had with a coworker last year about “fancy fitness”. Evidently the trend was to wear gym clothes out in public. It was ridiculous if I do say so myself.

This year I’ve found the Trend Reports to be obsessed with color and fabric like we were in the early 90s. Remember those HyperColor shirts and stuff? Oh I totally had them… and have a random pair of socks in my drawer that STILL change color with heat. LOL.

All I keep thinking about how the trend last year was sporty clothing and am glad that we’re past it… but here they go with bringing back the styles from the early 90s. Yet again. I mean, didn’t we just do this not too long ago? I feel like fashion isn’t original anymore. They just keep recycling ideas from the past and renaming them.