Mickey’s American Dream

This, my friends, is an actual course being offered this semester… how cool does this sound? Is it just me?

“This course investigates the themes of the classic fairy tales, both those collected by the brothers Grimm and the literary fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen. It then turns to the fairy tale films of Walt Disney and explores the ways in which they, like the tales, offer an understanding of how boys and girls must think and act in order to be good citizens or to achieve “The American Dream”. Texts in literature, sociology, psychology and popular culture. This is an inter-active discussion course; attendance is required. Tasks include a paper, a group presentation, one student composed examination and Blackboard postings.”

Of course, this is the reason I have like 60 hours of post-bacc work and no degree to show for it. Way too many interesting courses that cannot be applied toward anything useful.