My Schedule This Month

So, y’all… this is one crazy busy month. For reals. Just for fun, here is a sampling of some of the plans I have going on right now.

  • 12/2 – Book Club
  • 12/3 – Double date with Trish and Glen
  • 12/4 – Harmonious Monks with the girls
  • 12/5 – Brunch with Vicky, Church, Happy Hour with one friend and then Dinner with another
  • 12/6 – Final class meeting at my professor’s house
  • 12/7 – Small group at church
  • 12/8 – Dinner with Amanda and Jeannie
  • 12/9 – Champagne tasting at The Grotto
  • 12/10 – Stitch-N-Bitch with the girls
  • 12/11 – Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
  • 12/13 – Holiday Party during the day at work
  • 12/14 – Small group at church
  • 12/15 – Last dinner with Amanda before she moves to Nashville
  • 12/16 – Seven22 with my friend Wendy
  • 12/17 – Holiday Party after work
  • 12/18 – Ice Skating with the Beach BUMS
  • 12/19 – Drive to G’ma B’s in SW FL
  • 12/20 – Get car worked on
  • 12/21 – Drive to Flagler for Christmas with Mom, Dad, Ashley, and Lauren (and her new husband, Josh)
  • 12/28 – Back home to my house
  • 12/31 – New Years Eve festivities

I’m actually excited about all of it! I have purposefully declined some things and I know I’m much busier than most but I truly am looking forward to each part of this month. Most importantly I have made the decision to stick with just one family this Christmas eve/day.

Why is it that everyone waits until this month to try and get together? Why aren’t we better about getting together more often throughout the year? My good friend is seriously stressed out because of Christmas. She has 4 different places to be between Christmas eve and Christmas day and only one in the same town as her. The stress isn’t worth it. The worst part of it is that her significant other is the one who is causing this stress by his inability to cut the umbilical cord to his mother.

I wish this was uncommon… but I hear about it too much. With women. With men. People need to stop rushing and just remember the reason for the season. It’s not about spending Christmas eve with this family and waking up Christmas morning with this family and then rushing over to this other family member’s house later that day only to feel guilty that you never made it to so and so’s.

I know she won’t mind me sharing her story because I know that no one knows who she is and more importantly there are many of us out there who are going through the same thing!

We need to remember the most important part of this whole month and that is the gathering of friends and family for the birth of our Savior. Cut out the BS. Don’t go to that party you don’t want to. Don’t feel obligated to go to a distant cousin’s dinner because you’re worried that some family member is going to guilt you for not being a team player.


LOL. In all seriousness, if you enjoy doing lots of stuff (like I do) then that’s one thing… but if you are feeling super stressed because you have too much on your plate then take a time out. It’s okay. It is perfectly acceptable to take this time for some serious R&R.

Think about it. What WOULD Jesus Do? I doubt that He’d be traveling on the roads three times in one day just so He can make an appearance at each family member’s house for whatever reason. The people who you don’t see will just have to get over it and see you on another day. I realize that most of us come from divorced parents but I make sure that I chose one each year and I suggest you do the same. If people want to travel up to see you, good for them, but don’t feel like you need to run all across town because otherwise they’ll give you a hard time.

Take this time to be selfish. Take this time to remember the simplicity of the Savior’s birth. A lowly manger… no room at the Inn. No extended family. No giant turkey dinner. Just a simple night of worship is all we need. God bless you all as you attempt to navigate the rough waters of this holiday season. Try and take some time out for what’s truly important and be safe out there!


4 thoughts on “My Schedule This Month

  1. Stitch-N-Bitch with the girls?? What is that?

    I agree though. I bet the Lord is looking down at us going “What’s with all the businesses folks?”

    I asked the big guy last night if when we have kids we could not have presents or celebrate Christmas in the way society does. It’s Jesus’ Birthday, we should be buying presents for him, serving others in his name. Then when it’s everyone’s real birthday we can celebrate theirs like we did Jesus. That’s when they will get gifts and a celebration. And while it’s a great idea, he reminded me that it’s not very realistic for a small child who’s friends all get gifts and grandma and grandpa will want to buy them gifts, and Santa is at the mall and at school there will be Christmas parties, est.

    Maybe when they are older.

    And really, you make a good point about how people wait until this month to get together. We have 11 other months to do it!

    1. LOL Stitch-N-Bitch is a group of girls that get together at least once a month to work on knitting or crocheting and just chat it up. We bitch about whatever is going on in our lives, offer support, share advice, help out with our handiwork, and just genuinely enjoy each other’s company. It’s good fun!

      It’s hard to not give into the whole Christmas thing… but you can still limit it. I fully intend to do ONE present each. Like g’ma and g’pa can only give ONE, each family member can pick out ONE, other people can give ONE, Santa gives ONE. That’s it. It’s not supposed to be all about the presents. But I think you can make it work.

  2. Oh man, John and I are having this very discussion. I don’t want Graham to grow up focusing on Christmas as a big, stressful obligation. I don’t see why we can’t do something special with family at another time of year if it’s too hard to see everyone in such a short time period. With divorced families and families scattered across multiple states, it’s just too hard to please everyone. But John is on the side that you make it work because they are family and it is important to them. ::sigh::

    1. Yes, it’s super difficult. I don’t believe in the “making it work” theory because I don’t understand why it’s important to them just this one time a year. I definitely am going to keep Christmas eve and Christmas morning at my own house with my immediate family and then later that day if I want to pick someone to go see then maybe but mostly I’ll be inviting people to MY house. It’s a lot easier for g’parents to travel than it is for a mom, dad, and kids!

      GOOD LUCK!

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