Santa Claus is coming…

Y’all… I love me some Madagascar. The movies crack me up. I especially love King Julien (voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen). So, today I’m sharing with you a cute version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Hope you enjoy it! Hope that y’all had a wonderful weekend! The holidays are fast approaching. I feel like I still have so much to do between now and Christmas and I’m afraid I won’t get it all done. But, alas, it will all work out in the end.

I am so grateful for my many groups I’m involved with, my wonderful family and friends and church family, my stitch-n-bitch ladies, by book club … all of it. No matter how busy I get I remind myself that I wouldn’t change a minute!


One thought on “Santa Claus is coming…

  1. can I ask how you found your book club? I’ve wanted to be in one forever, but the two I found lost steam shortly after they got started 😦

    are you on GoodReads btw? I absolutely love that site for keeping my books organized and seeing what my friends are reading and recommending.

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