I wanna buy these shoes…

For my momma please…

Pretty much the worst Christmas song ever. Well, maybe Dominick the Donkey beats it out… but this Christmas Shoes song is totally sappy and stupid in my opinion. I know that some of you may enjoy this song. I’m sorry if you hate me for saying this but, it’s lame.

Don’t get me wrong. I totally understand the point and it’s a great story and all. But no. Not good. Christmas songs should be fun. We need to remember how excited we are for the birth of our Savior! We need to escape from the awful reality of things like this never ending economic recession.

Plus, I really don’t think ANY kid would actually know what size shoe their mom wore or would be out shopping on their own without an adult. Anyway, that’s just my two cents. LOL.

What is your LEAST favorite holiday song?

Here’s the Dominick the Donkey song in case some of you haven’t heard it…

P.S. I think my favorite part of that song is the end “Hey! Dominick! Buon Natale!” because my sister, Lauren, would always repeat that part really loud. SO FUNNY. That song is awful!


3 thoughts on “I wanna buy these shoes…

  1. That cracks me up! Because really there are so many people that LOVE that song. And not only LOVE it, but break down and cry every time they hear it.

    I’m still laughing at the honesty. ha-ha

    I don’t even know what my least favorite song is at this moment because I’ve re-read your post 3 times now and I can’t get over it the brutal truth you laid out there for us.

  2. oh man, that song is so so so so lame. I can’t think of another one that I dislike but I’m sure there are some. Much easier to answer which holiday songs I like, which is almost all of them!

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