It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

For reals.

I seriously can’t get enough of this Holiday season. I don’t very much care for the gift giving consumerism that pervades the American landscape however I do love the central theme of our Savior’s birth and the importance of celebrating time together with your family, friends, and loved ones.

Y’all know that I start listening to Christmas music off and on starting in October… I just can’t help it. The season isn’t long enough for me. I love the crisp air and the winter clothes and bonfires and I really miss the snow. I’m headed to Vail with some friends in January for a ski trip so that will be super awesome. I can’t wait to play in the snow again! It’s been way too long.

So, I guess I should give y’all some updates.

Lately I know that I’ve been talking about trivial stuff and not really updating people on my life. I was pretty upset when Clint broke up with me and I went through a time where I (once again) felt unloved and hopeless. I was quickly reminded, however, of how much God loves me and how important I am to Him and how He has a grand plan for my life.

In all the chaos that has been these last few months I just felt it better not to share the minute details. Some people reading this just don’t need to be made privy of my private life and although there are others to which I’d love to share all the great details I’ve discovered that this just isn’t the forum.

In October, my baby sister got married.

The whole family (minus baby Cade my step-sister’s youngest) is there in that picture. The chapel was gorgeous and even though it poured on her wedding day, Lauren looked absolutely gorgeous. She really is a beautiful woman. Here below is a picture of the bridesmaids (Jordan, Lauren’s best friend and maid of honor; Myself; and Ashley, my other sister that lives in Los Angeles). It’s probably my favorite picture from the wedding ceremony!

Then, here are some pictures from the reception. First up, my mommy and I (seriously love that woman!). Then there is a picture of me and my sister, Ashley, singing something… I don’t remember that picture being taken quite honestly. Needless to say it was a fun night. 😉 Finally, I’m sharing a picture of me and my old roommate and good friend, Liz, dancing up a storm. That’s probably my fav pic from the reception. Too cute!

In closing, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my church friends and it’s been great! I moved back to the beach when I sold my condo and I went back to the church I had attended when I was out here. It feels like coming home. I thought I had found a good family at Southpoint but it was unfortunately very superficial and eventually I didn’t feel like I was at home anymore but rather a stranger. Not good. So, here is a pic of Lisa, Kelly, and myself at a hoedown we went to last month.

I got to wear my cowboy boots which was super fun, I got to hang out with some great peeps which was also super fun, but the hoedown was quite a disappointment. LOL. I don’t know what we were expecting but it was more like a big tent revival with none of the good parts and instead a sermon preaching hellfire and brimstone and it was freezing! The bonfire wasn’t big enough and we got bored rather quickly. Everyone ended up heading over to some bars in downtown St Augustine and we still had a great time that night!

Anyway, I spent Thanksgiving down at my grandparents in SW Florida and that was nice. I’ll be back down there for a few days in December. My sister, Ashley, flies in from Los Angeles on the 21st and will be here for a week so I’m definitely looking forward to that!

Thanks for sticking by me even when I don’t post as often as I should. Thanks for your words of wisdom and your comments. They brighten my day! We have so much to be thankful for, even when we think we don’t. Remember that! God bless y’all!