Trivial Things I Am Thankful For…


I hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday with friends and loved ones. I hope that you are able to watch the parade and some football and that you stuff yourself full of home-made wonderfulness. If you are stuck in a foreign country or somehow unable to have the traditional fare, well, I’m sorry. I wish that I could invite you all over so we could share in our Thanksgiving together!

Today, I am going to list some things that may seem trivial but are things that I am so very thankful for. I started this list a while ago and have been adding to it. I’m sure that I’ll continue to add to it and will have a longer one next year. I am constantly reminded how very blessed I am. I have family and friends that love me and an awesome church family. I never want to forget just how many blessings I have, even the silly ones.

So here goes (for now):

Family (of course)

Kitchen sprayer

Quilted Northern toilet paper

HVAC (even though things don’t always work out the way you’d like)


Adult beverages (that really should be first on the list LOL)

Brita filters

Purdue OWL

Sonicare toothbrush


Pedicures (I can’t rave enough about this place)


Boots (and especially Autumn when I get to wear said boots)

Kashi Heart to Heart

Document shredder



2004 Toyota Camry LE


Amy’s Mexican Casserole




Ann Taylor and LOFT (for clothes that actually fit me)

Organic Milk

Sliders Seafood Grille

Ceramic Flat Iron

Neutrogena body oil

The ocean

Things that make me laugh out loud

CBS Sunday Morning

NPR (especially on the way to and from work)

Fiber One Bars

and Coca-Cola Classic

In closing I’d like to share Linus’ Thanksgiving prayer from “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”… may you remember the humble roots of this holiday tradition and how blessed we truly are!