Deliver Me

Hey y’all… I know we all have our ups and downs and I am particularly blessed that y’all allow me to share my feelings on a regular basis. I know that this isn’t a site you can come to for home decorating advice, or basic housekeeping, or child care, or recipes… but I do hope that you find encouragement, that you are given the opportunity to think about something you might not have considered, or that you are able to know that you have a friend who has been through the muck and mire and will continue to triumph, no matter the struggle.

This weekend I had a lot of time to think about what I want from my life. Mostly, I try to remember that God has a plan for my life. I’ve been listening to “[SMS] Shine” by DCB over and over. “Can you overcome this heart that’s overcome?” I know more than anything I want a man who is a man of God. Someone who desires a relationship with our savior over all other things. BUT, and this is something I struggle with continually, I want a man who is not a stick in the mud. It is so hard to find someone who likes to drink beer and watch football and still get up and go to church the next morning.

Daily I give this struggle to God. That is all I can do. I cannot put the desire on the throne because Jesus wants to be on the throne of my heart. I must remember that above all I need to be right with myself and right with my relationship with God before I can have the worldly things I desire. I’m asking that God delivers me from the strong feelings I have about being “alone” because I am NOT alone. God loves me more than any man could and the trappings of this world are fleeting. There are no guarantees. The only guarantee is an everlasting life with the heavenly Father. So, I’m sharing a song with you today called, “Deliver Me”. This song was originally released by The Beloved and in 1998, Sarah Brightman covered the song on her album Eden, but my favorite version is a cover by the David Crowder Band.

May you hear this song and sing along and remember that God is in control. No matter what you may be going through. No matter the hurt, no matter the sadness, no matter the struggle… He says, “Be still and know I AM God” Psalm 46:10.

Deliver me, out of the sadness.
Deliver me, from all of the madness.
Deliver me, courage to guide me.
Deliver me, your strength inside me.

All of my life I’ve been in hiding.
Wishing there was someone just like you.
Now that you’re here, now that I’ve found you,
I know that you’re the one to pull me through.

Deliver me, loving and caring.
Deliver me, giving and sharing.
Deliver me, the cross that I’m bearing.

All of my life I was in hiding.
Wishing there was someone just like you.
Now that you’re here, now that I’ve found you,
I know that you’re the one to pull me through.

Deliver me,
Oh deliver me.
Won’t you deliver me.

P.S. We have been singing another song at church called, “How He Loves Us“. The beginning starts out with “He is jealous for me, Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree, Bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy. When all of a sudden, I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory, And I realize just how beautiful You are, And how great Your affections are for me.” John Mark McMillan’s version is the original (listen to the story of how this song was birthed the morning he found out that his best friend had died) but DCB have also done the cover and have a YouTube video for the song. REMEMBER that He LOVES us so much… we can’t even fathom.