Hooked On … Decorator’s Tables

Hey y’all! 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these so I thought since the “hooked on” part of my blog is the most popular I’d entertain you with another installment.

I, for one, have these in my house and unfortunately when I tell people they make comments like, I hate those things… but then I continually see them used in magazines, etc. so I know I’m not alone in my use. And, I might add, when people see them in my house they totally understand and think it looks just fine.

Seriously folks, there isn’t a cheaper way to create an end-table then to use these… and if they’re tastefully done then it helps out a room that could have been seriously lacking. Y’all know that I have like zero dollars when it comes to decorating so I rely on hand-me-downs and cheap solutions.

Here are two examples without covering so you can see what I mean:

Those, my friends, are called decorator’s tables. The top is usually separate from the legs or base and they usually screw together. Sometimes they come apart like bookshelves to fold flat for storage.

My mother had a whole mess of them and has used them frequently and I always wondered why until a) I had a place of my own I needed to furnish, and b) I realized that she’s a realtor so they definitely help set up a place for a showing without great expense.

Here are some pictures showing them in use:

(Please note that none of these pictures are mine and that I found them whilst searching the interwebs… I do not try to pretend these are my own but I will try to show you mine once I finally get around to taking pics of my new place… I KNOW I KNOW… it’s taking me forever!)

And another…

And another…

And here’s one that’s square actually… very clever…

And here’s another example of how they’re used in a room…

And here… although I’m not usually a fan of the overlay atop a plain cloth unless the decorative accent doesn’t make it look like it belongs in your grandmother’s den…

And here, likely to hide electronic equipment…

And how cool is this decorative accent on one table!

Of course, I’m thinking the reason that I get so many blank stares when I say that I love using decorator’s tables is because so many of you might remember them as the ugly ones most commonly used in the 80’s that were absolutely hideous.

Take this lovely one for example…

Okay y’all… thoughts? Do you love them or hate them? Do any of you have them in your house? Am I the last remaining decorator’s table lover? 😉


4 thoughts on “Hooked On … Decorator’s Tables

  1. I don’t have any, but you’re selling me on the idea. I need a bedside table badly! Those shown in the photos look great.

    1. Thanks! Seriously the best $ you’ll spend… you’ll get so much use out of them. Also, look at garage sales and on craigslist to see if someone is giving one away. You may not need to spend any $ at all… other than the fabric to cover them. 🙂

  2. Yes! I still have my tables after at least 10-12 years. I just change the cloths when I redecorate. Add a lace cover and a round glass on top and it’s perfect. However, I’m having trouble finding the table cloths now. I recently redecorated in brown and pale blue and cant find the cloths in any stores:( Any suggestions?

  3. Measure from floor and across the table and down to the other side to the floor. Get a tablecloth that is large enough to cut a circle (allowing for hem) that is wide/deep enough to hang, all around, to the floor.

    Cut the table cloth and placing it on a table and folding it into quarter size. It will be perfect all around. Perhaps draw a line in pencil first – open the cloth and try it around the table first to be sure it is perfect.


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