gimmie five

Hey y’all … My boss graciously allowed me to work from home yesterday so I was able to take frequent naps, frequent trips to the bathroom, frequent coughing, frequent blowing nose noise and guck all in the comfort of my home. I’m sure that my co-workers appreciated me not grossing up the place.

So, one of the thing I enjoyed while my throat was sore was this new ice-cream called Häagen-Dazs five™ which only contains (as you guessed it) five ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, eggs, and the flavor. I am always one who believes it’s best to be natural with moderation rather than unnatural in excess. For example, I only drink regular Coca-Cola Classic and never Diet Coke. One, I believe that aspartame isn’t good for you*, and two, by having the original and limiting myself to one only once in a while I don’t have the problem with calories.

Same goes with ice-cream. I buy real all natural ice-cream and eat in moderation. I think one of the best things you can do for yourself is to practice moderation. Keep the ice-cream in the fridge and only allow yourself small amounts now and then. It is amazing how much willpower you actually have if you just put it to good use!

Well, this ice-cream is delicious… let me tell you! I got the coffee flavor and it’s been perfect as an afternoon or evening snack. I find that the flavor is so rich that I really only need a few spoonfuls. It’s heavenly.

* Please note that aspartame itself is not the problem… there is more and more research out that shows people who drink diet drinks have a higher risk of obesity… they believe it is because those who drink the diet drinks drink more in one day than those who drink the full flavor drinks and the empty calories and acidic properties are causing all sorts of health issues. Just myself I know several people who drink over 5 diet drinks A DAY. Ridiculous. People think that because it’s a diet meal or drink or whatever that they can have more of it but instead it should still be limited as you would anything else.

Okay, I’m down off my soap-box. Hope y’all are enjoying your week… it’s almost Friday!