Y’all… today I’m seriously missing me some Ocean City, Maryland… more importantly I’m craving some Thrasher’s French Fries.

Ocean City has one of the nations most outstanding boardwalks.

From their site: “It’s like a buffet that’s three miles long. Or a shopping mall. Or a stage. Or all of them put together. We call it the boardwalk. And the Travel Channel and USA Today both named it one of America’s best.

Bike it, stroll it, or ride the tram. However you do it, you’ll soon see what all the buzz is about. Foods of every description: wonderful Maryland crab cakes, sizzling French fries, fresh, hot pizza, overstuffed sandwiches, and luscious saltwater taffy.

Duck into an arcade and try your hand at your favorite game. (Or try a new one.) Scream with delight on the rollercoaster, or enjoy a ride on one of America’s oldest working carousels.

Ready to shop? The boardwalk is ready for you with beachwear, T-shirts, toys and any number of surprises. And in summertime, the street performers turn all the world into a stage – where you may become a player at any moment.

Need a little respite? Head down to the inlet, and watch the fishing boats head in and out to sea.

In short, the Ocean City boardwalk is three miles of concentrated, family-friendly fun, where ocean breezes are scented with the lovely aroma of French Fries and caramel popcorn, and adventure waits at every turn. You just have to experience it for yourself, ASAP.”

Every summer my family had two time share weeks that we’d use… one in June and one in July. We’d head to Ocean City and always have the best time. I miss those family vacations as a kid. I sure hope that I get to do the same things with my children (should God bless me with that opportunity).

Today, as it is now Friday and soon the weekend will start (finally!) I hope that you remember the simple joys in life and that you cherish every memory as they shape you into the person you are and the person you will be. All the experiences in my life, good or bad, have made me the person I am today and I am grateful.

Have a wonderful weekend y’all! 🙂